I found QSXS on Google, be honest, I was not expecting what happened next. I had already received two quotes for a re-installation of what I thought was an defunct system, due to a number of false alarms, both quotes over £1500, neither company was interested with fixing the old system. But QSX asked why I wanted a new install and offered to take a look for free, before quoting. They found a fault with the System PSU. We was given the option of a replacement PSU or a new panel at a fraction of the cost of the other quotes. I opted for a New Panel and Keypad as I was sold on the proxy fobs. The system has been in 3 months now an no issues. I asked why they had not quote for a new install, he said, he would happily do so if that what I really wanted, but the installed kit was good kit and I would just be wasting my money. I will be coming back to QSXS when I hopefully move next year. Mr S. Day - Cambridge   






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