Telephone Systems - PBXs

itguys2QSX Can provide Telephone Systems for your Home and Business.

With over 25 Years in this field, we know how much telephone systems and line rental should cost. We can almost, always save you money.



  • From Incoming Telephone lines with £0/Month Rental. - Yes really Free! Landing
  • Incoming Telephone lines with £0/Month Rental. - Yes really Free!
  • Second, Thrid or Forth line for the home or business, Actual, as many as you wants and some without cost.
  • UK Landline call for 1p/Minute and UK Mobiles 4p/Minute.
  • Free answer machine service and messages emails to your inbox.
  • Call forwarding to Mobile or landlines for just the standards cost of the call.
  • Telephone Number Porting. - We can port most UK landline numbers.
  • Make and receive calls using your land line number, from almost anywhere in the world, at your standards rates.
  • Multi Line Office Phone system with onsite PBX, eliminating cloud rental costs.
  • Full installation and training provided.
  • With QSX, The cost of Telephone lines and calls will; be the very last thing on you mind when running your business.

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