CCTV Systems

Over the last few years there has been an explosion in the installation of CCTV Cameras, they are one of the more effective devices for gathering evidence and securing a prosecution.

But few people specify, install and test them correctly so the footage is poor quality and effectively useless.This is largely caused by the purchase of systems from your local retailer or low grade chinese junk.

Our range of CCTV systems vary from basic observation systems to multiple site systems with the capability of remote monitoring of live video.

Our systems can also support bi-directional audio to and from your premises, Pan and Tilt Cameras and the facility to detect intruders on your premises and then pass that information to your keyholder or nominated authorities, ensuring your premises are never left unattended.

We are experienced in installing Analogue, Digital, HD, and IP Network based systems.

All of our CCTV systems can be tailored to suit your individual requirements with our bespoke design and installation process ensuring you have the best solution.


We are you local installer for Bassingbourn, Biggleswade Cambourne, Cambridge, Orwell, Royston, Sandy and surrounding villages.






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